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There are many reasons to choose Pet Stop over other dog fencing companies. Since Pet Stop fence systems are hidden they appear invisible, which keeps your yard open and beautiful, unlike unsightly chainlink or wooden fences many dog owners choose to go with. Traditional fences like that are dangerous and pose a potential threat to your pet. Our fencing options are the safest of all pet containment systems. With Pet Stop fences you don't have to worry about your pet crawling under, jumping over, or chewing through your fence. You can rest assured that your pet is safe.

Need more reasons to choose Pet Stop? Our products are 100% made in the USA, and we offer the best warranty in the industry. Our Ultra Care warranty blows away industry standards by providing you with a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects as well as accidental damage protection. We also offer Gentle Steps, a gentle training program that allows your dog to get accustomed to its new containment system safely and quickly. We also offer EcoLite, a fully rechargeable receiver for added convenience. Now that you've learned the advantages of the Pet Stop system we think you'll agree that Pet Stop is the best fence you'll never see!

Responsible Solutions for Responsible Pet Owners

Safety and security of your pet are our #1 priority. We’ve pioneered dog fence innovations like the SmartZone®, spring probes, comfort contacts and now a rechargeable eco-friendly receiver, the EcoLite™.

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Lite Choice. Right Choice. The EcoLite™

Rechargeable Receiver

Our smallest, lightest collar is completely rechargeable and never needs batteries. Pair the EcoLite with your hidden fence solution.

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We Service All Major Brands

We are happy to provide fence system upgrades, service, and repair for current owners of other major dog fence brands, including Invisible Fence®*, DogWatch®**, Dog Guard*** and PetSafe. Plus, you’ll save up to 50% on collars, receiver upgrades and replacement batteries.

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